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Welcome to the Cannabis Life Church! By choosing to join, you acknowledge the following:

1) It is not a coincidence that the human body has a cannabinoid system. Through evolution and/or creation, the human body is clearly meant to interact with cannabis in a positive way.

2) Our members may use cannabis as part of their religious beliefs. Cannabis is a medicine, capable of alleviating issues physically, mentally, and spiritually.

3) Our members use cannabis to alleviate pain and suffering, and to deny a member cannabis violates both their religious beliefs and is a direct, intentful action to cause our member pain and suffering due to their religious belief.

4) I acknowledge that our religious beliefs include the right to privacy. No data, information, statements, or communications may be taken from this site, and to do so without consent of our membership is a clear violation of our religious rights.
Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to seeing how we can help you celebrate!