The 420 Church

United in our belief: Cannabis is medicine

Tactical Operations

What are tactical operations?

Not things discussed here, or by any means of recordable transmission. Call us.

Strategic Intelligence

What is Strategic Intelligence?

Strategic Intelligence is the art of gathering up a bunch of information and then creating a gameplan based off of the collected data. In layman's terms, it means fucking looking before you do shit. 

How do you do strategic intelligence?

Generally by asking you what your goal is, then collecting a bunch of data, and coming up with a gameplan to help you meet your goal. This is then followed up with an AAR (after action review) and INVOICE (request for payment).

Can you give me an example of strategic intelligence?

Yes. Lets say you are a small bakery in Chicago.

1) Objective: increase number of followers and reach to local people who you want to convert to customers.

2) Action: Analyze other bakeries, and possibly target their followers for interaction. Then send a DM with a coupon code (to track results). Also, target individuals who are checking in to other locations close by (in the same area/city).

3) AAR: How did the campaign go? What trends did you notice? Did you have an increase in audience or customers? What would we change in the future, and why?

4) INVOICE: generally submitted by e-mail. Alternatively, you could send us a picture of your bakery donating food to a local shelter or food bank and we may not charge you. We love community service and those who assist those in need. 


To whom it may concern,

I'd like to welcome you to the 420 Church. We have one core belief here: cannabis is medicine. All of our members firmly believe that cannabis has medical properties, and consume cannabis as a part of their religious belief. While united in our belief that cannabis is medicine, our members come from a variety of different religious and non-religious organizations. Our members include those of Christian, Buddhist, Catholic, Islamic, Agnostic, and Athiest beliefs. Our members are all across the United States, and the world.

We do provide medicine to our members. The Supreme Court case Gonzalez v. UDV (Cornell Law University link here) states that unless the government has compelling government interest, a religious organization may use cannabis as part of their religious ceremonies. The term "compelling government interest" translates to "the government must have some reason to intercede in our operations" for all intents and purposes. To remove the "compelling government interest" claim, the 420 Church takes the following steps and provides the following services for our members:

1) We provide free education to our members and the general public. 

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